UIMEX is Leading EB5 Company using SAP-HANA, Youtube and Salesforce Force.com as primary technology platform to deliver its services and solution offering to its customers. UIMEX hereby would like to disclose that content, videos, trademarks, logos, copyright information of SAP, Youtube and Salesforce are primarily used in order to educate customers on potential benefits of globally recognized leaders and engage UIMEX to customize, implement or support such technology platforms. In no format, UIMEX owns any of the published information belonging to SAP AG or Salesforce Inc. or UIMEX has intention to replicate any of those copyright materials.

UIMEX hereby would like to put forward Legal Disclosure that UIMEX will strictly use information of its Technology Partners, their best practices, their proprietary information in best of principle product vendor and in any conflict of the situation or interest, UIMEX shall remove published information in less than 48 hours from its sitemap.

UIMEX is purely services company and responsible to deliver services and not responsible for product roadmap, improvements or other relevant enhancement. UIMEX can deliver Add-on to your primary purchase tailor-made to your business need without any alternation on primary platform of the technology vendor or product partner.